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Tired of just doing your job? Why not start a career with one of the leading refrigeration contractors in the entire Southwestern United States. Apex is looking for hard-working and self motivated individuals who take pride in their vocation. Our customers turn to Apex because for the past 25+ years we have proven to be one of the most responsive and reliable contractors in the region. You should strongly consider becoming a part of our team and turn your job into a career you can be proud of!

  • Multiple benefit options including health, dental, vision, telemedicine.
  • Paid vacation and sick time.
  • Strong commitment to retirement planning – including Company funds.
  • Paid training.
  • Long-term stability.

Industrial Service Manager

Apex is currently hiring for the position of Industrial Service Manager.

Senior Refrigeration/HVAC Technician

Apex is currently hiring for the position of Senior Refrigeration/HVAC Technician.

Refrigeration/HVAC Technician

Apex is currently hiring for the position of Refrigeration/HVAC Technician.


Changing your employer can sometimes be a daunting and difficult decision. Or, maybe this is your first job in this industry. At Apex, we want our new employees to be confident in their choice to join our team. Below are some common questions we get during the interview and hiring process. Hopefully, they will bring greater peace-of-mind when choosing a career with Apex. Didn’t find what you are looking for? Visit our Contact Us page and feel free to reach out.

Many technicians/welders in the typical HVAC/Refrigeration world experience wild swings in how many hours they get because the work is seasonal – plenty of hours in the summer when it is hot, but not so many hours in the cooler months. That is not the case at Apex. Apex has spent the last 25+ years cultivating a customer-base (both commercial and industrial) that is busy year round. Our combined focus on planned maintenance, service and projects – allows us to allocate plenty of hours year-round for those that want it. No more feast or famine in the summer vs. winter.

Absolutely! While the commercial and industrial environments are much different than the residential world, many technicians have had great success making the transition. In fact, most technicians who make the change – don’t want to go back. The commercial and industrial environments are typically more exciting and challenging. Additionally, they offer much more room for growth in your career because of the numerous pieces of equipment and processes you are exposed to. Apex will work hand-in-hand with you to improve your mechanical skills and make you a much more well-rounded technician with multiple skills.

Absolutely not. Whether you are working in service as a technician, with projects as a welder, or in the office in an administrative or management role – you will always be working with the support of a team. Apex has over 250 years of combined work experience in the ranks of its management team and we use that knowledge to support every individual working in the field or in the office.

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