Call On the Cold Storage Experts

We have designed and installed refrigeration systems for millions of cubic feet of cooler and freezer space for cold storage warehouses and food distribution centers. Our team also provides maintenance for both ammonia and halocarbon refrigerant systems. Plus, we offer remote monitoring so you can keep an eye on temperatures no matter where you are.

We Handle All Aspects of Refrigeration Systems for Distribution Centers & Cold Storage

Ammonia Refrigeration

We understand the special considerations and protocols that come with using ammonia refrigeration. We have experience designing, installing and maintaining ammonia systems for a variety of different customers, needs and settings.

Process Safety Management

Our staff can help your organization develop a new program or administer an existing plan to ensure necessary compliance steps are taken.

Boiler Installation & Repair

We specialize in installing and servicing domestic hot water boilers, comfort heating boilers, steam boilers and process heating equipment.

Prefabricated Solutions

We can custom-fit a prefabricated solution for any application. These systems mean there are fewer disruptions to your organization and less mess. Once the system is complete, installation is quick and easy.

Penske and Layton

Building a Food Storage System That Works

Storing food for Starbucks is a massive undertaking that requires a high level of precision. When Penske and Layton were tasked with building a new distribution center in the Phoenix area, they worked with our experts to ensure the new refrigeration system would be both highly effective and within budget.

Trust the Experts in Distribution Centers & Cold Storage

No matter the size/specs of your operation, Apex has the industry knowledge and decades of hands-on experience required to handle all aspects of whatever refrigeration system your facility uses. From planning and design to installation and service, we keep your systems running smoothly, 24/7. Whenever you need us, we’ll be there.