Rebuilds Done Right

We partner with industry-leading rebuild shops that specialize in compressor rebuilds and we can even rebuild some compressors on site in the field. The process begins with disassembly and inspection. Once inspection of all wear surfaces is compared to factory specifications, we determine machining options, if necessary. Next, the compressor is cleaned and re-assembled with the necessary new parts. Finally, clearances are set to factory specifications and the compressor is painted and tagged.

Need us to come to your site to disconnect/reconnect the compressor to your system? No problem. We also offer hauling to and from our rebuild partners.

Partner With the Experts in Refrigeration Rebuilds

At Apex, we never back anything that we don’t trust with 100% confidence ourselves, and that includes rebuilds. That’s why we only team up with the best rebuild shops around and ensure that the final product fits your company’s unique needs. When you partner with us for rebuild services, you can rest assured that we’ll get the job done right, on time and on budget, every time.