We’ve Got Heating & Cooling Covered

Property managers have their hands full enough without having to worry about whether their heating and cooling systems are going to function properly on a daily basis. That’s where we come in — Apex has the in-house designers, mechanical capabilities and industry knowledge to plan, design, install and service the right commercial refrigeration system for your hotel or apartment complex that fits within your budget. Whether designing a brand-new building from the ground up or modifying an existing building, our interdisciplinary team will work to maximize efficiencies, ultimately boosting your bottom line.

We Handle All Aspects of Your Property’s Refrigeration Systems

Chillers & Cooling Towers

We have the expertise and industry knowledge to handle every style and brand of chillers and cooling towers that exist, whether they’re in multi-family housing complexes, universities and schools, churches or commercial buildings that were built decades ago. We provide everything from general maintenance and repairs to complete replacements of the actual units themselves. We also service the mechanical rooms and associated equipment that allow these chillers and cooling towers to function, giving our customers peace of mind that their property’s systems won’t shut down.

Commercial HVAC

We specialize in centralized heating and cooling systems for many kinds of properties, including office buildings, universities and schools, churches, medical facilities, multi-family housing and hotels. Even in commercial applications, there are a wide range of sizes of these systems, but our expertise runs the gamut. There’s not a single brand or system that’s specific to our services — because of our decades-long refrigeration experience and knowledge, our experts specialize in all kinds of HVAC systems and can provide design, installation, service and maintenance on any system your facility uses.

Boiler Installation & Repair

We specialize in installing and servicing domestic hot water boilers, comfort heating boilers, steam boilers and process heating equipment.

Prefabricated Solutions

We can custom-fit a prefabricated solution for any application. These systems mean there are fewer disruptions to your organization and less mess. Once the system is complete, installation is quick and easy.

Beyond the Basics

We Take Safety Seriously

In addition to our OSHA training, we subscribe to two different third-party contractor safety management and auditing services that validate our written programs, training curriculums, mandatory record-keeping requirements and insurance requirements. No matter the site, we’re committed to providing safe and compliant service.

Trust the Experts in Property Refrigeration

No matter what refrigeration systems your property uses or the size of your building(s), Apex has the expertise to handle all aspects of any system. From planning, designing and installing brand-new systems to servicing decades-old systems, we get the job done right, on time and on budget, every time. Whenever you need us, we’ll be there.