Your Facilities Are Our Priority

Keeping systems up and running is important to you — and us. That’s why we create industrial and commercial refrigeration systems that sustain extremely low temperatures and meet highly specific demands. Our state-of-the-art builds, including ammonia/CO₂ cascade systems, can help our clients meet any temperature or efficiency goals they might have.

We have experience refrigerating acids, plastics plants, concrete, food, beverages and more. We also have extensive experience with refrigeration for commercial facilities, such as multi-family housing, office buildings, schools, churches, medical buildings and more. Plus, our staff provides routine maintenance to maximize uptime and is available 24/7 to fix problems.

We Specialize in All Refrigeration Systems Used in Industrial & Commercial Facilities

Process Safety Management

Our staff can help your company develop a new program or administer an existing plan to ensure necessary compliance steps are taken.

Ammonia Refrigeration

We understand the special considerations and protocols that come with using ammonia refrigeration. We have experience designing, installing and maintaining ammonia systems for a variety of different customers, needs and settings.

Refrigeration Design

We have the in-house designers, mechanical capabilities and industry knowledge to plan and design the right industrial refrigeration system for your company and situation that fits within your budget.

Cold Storage

We have designed and installed refrigeration systems for millions of cubic feet of cooler and freezer space for cold storage warehouses and food distribution centers. Plus, we offer remote monitoring so you can keep an eye on temperatures no matter where you are.

Surlean Foods

Helping Surlean Foods Process Patties

Surlean Foods is a custom food manufacturer that produces different kinds of food for some of the most well-known restaurant chains in the country. Surlean is building a hamburger patty-processing plant in Tolleson, Arizona, and they partnered with us to help bring their process room to life. Because they’ll be using meat mixers and injecting the patties with CO2, we’re implementing a process called heat recovery to exhaust air off the mixers because CO2 is extremely cold and could damage the mixers.

Beyond the process room, Surlean has also entrusted us to design and install the cooler that the patties will be stored in once they’re made, as well as the refrigerated area near the loading dock where the patties are loaded onto trucks and shipped out to the various restaurant locations.

Trust the Experts in Industrial & Commercial Refrigeration

From testing jet engines to storing food to keeping apartment complex residents cool, Apex develops custom solutions that fit the unique needs of your industrial or commercial facility while providing unmatched service. Whenever you need us, we’ll be there.