Commercial HVAC

Apex Offers Comprehensive HVAC Services

We provide centralized heating and cooling systems for a wide variety of commercial environments, including office buildings, universities and schools, churches, medical facilities, multi-family housing and hotels. Even in commercial applications, there are a wide range of sizes of these systems — from mini splits all the way to 150-ton air conditioners — and our expertise and knowledge runs the gamut.

There’s not a single brand or system that’s specific to our services. Because of our decades-long refrigeration experience and knowledge, our experts specialize in all kinds of HVAC systems and can provide design, installation, service and maintenance on any system your facility uses.


Keeping Schools Cool at a Lower Cost

Any high school in Phoenix, Arizona, needs to stay cool most of the year — and the bigger the school, the higher the cost to keep it cool. We’ve helped several Catholic high schools around the valley — including Xavier College Preparatory, St. Mary’s and St. John Paul II — upgrade their equipment and improve installation to increase efficiency and lower costs.

Our latest high school project was at Bourgade, where we upgraded its systems and made them substantially more efficient. We installed an air-cooled chiller to their main central plant to eliminate a smaller, outdated chiller; installed underground piping to the gymnasium to get rid of an old swamp cooler; and fully integrated everything throughout the school so it can be run with one central control system.

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Partner With the Experts in Commercial HVAC

Commercial environments rely on HVAC systems to function properly 24/7 — but just like all machines, HVAC systems aren’t fail-proof. So, whether you want to get ahead with general maintenance or need your systems repaired or replaced entirely, Apex is the right choice for the job. Whenever you need us, we’ll be there.