Boost Your Bottom Line

Controlling your energy costs — including electricity, water and natural gas — can boost your bottom line. We can help you increase efficiency by implementing changes to newly designed refrigeration systems or retrofitting existing systems to minimize energy use.

Combining our expertise in heat transfer and refrigeration with state-of-the-art technology in monitoring and controls, our experts develop customized plans for each project that focus on high system performance at minimal energy consumption. And it works. Our clients have experienced as much as a 50% return on investment in the first year.

SS. Simon & Jude Cathedral

Helping SS. Simon & Jude Reduce Energy Consumption

SS. Simon & Jude Cathedral and its connected school campus used to receive overwhelmingly expensive electricity bills but weren’t sure why. They figured it was because it costs a lot to keep multiple buildings cool on gruelingly hot Phoenix days — but they also knew the cost of the bills wasn’t sustainable. That’s when they called Apex to see what we could do to reduce their energy consumption and, hopefully, save money.

We immediately identified a big issue: Some of the equipment wasn’t the right size. We started by installing the right sized equipment, then revamped their central chiller system by placing a plate and frame heat exchanger on their cooling tower, which helps reduce energy in colder months. We also added the correct tonnage compressors and proper tonnage chillers with redundancy in place. These upgrades helped SS. Simon & Jude significantly cut down their energy usage and dramatically reduced the average cost of their electricity bill.

Partner With the Experts in Energy-Efficient Refrigeration

At Apex, we understand the importance of saving money and know that one of the best ways to do so is to cut down on your energy costs. That’s why we’re dedicated to developing highly efficient, custom refrigeration solutions that still operate with the power you need. When you partner with Apex, you get the best of both worlds.