We Help Your Projects Run Smoothly

Working on projects alongside general contractors is one of Apex’s specialties. With over 40 years of construction and installation expertise — including training in ammonia, halocarbon refrigerants, steam, water and HVAC systems — we have the experience to tackle whatever unique specs your project may have. Plus, all our staff is OSHA trained and certified, and works to uphold our standards of high-quality workmanship. Apex prides itself on being an asset to any project and works as a partner to general contractors, rather than just another piece of the puzzle. This helps to alleviate any headaches for you and your team, so you can focus on what’s most important.

We are well-equipped to complete your construction project with:

  • 40-plus full-time field personnel
  • A fleet of construction and service vehicles
  • Hauling, hoisting and rigging equipment
  • Metal forming and fabricating machinery
  • Field generators
  • TIG/MIG welders

We Help Alleviate Stress for General Contractors

Prefabricated Solutions

We operate a fab-shop for component package assembly, pipe spooling and control group pre-fab, which results in a higher-quality installation, regardless of difficult weather or job conditions.

Ammonia Refrigeration

We understand the special considerations and protocols that come with using ammonia refrigeration. We have experience designing, installing and maintaining ammonia systems for a variety of different customers, needs and settings.

Refrigeration Design

We have the in-house designers, mechanical capabilities and industry knowledge to plan and design the right industrial refrigeration system for your organization and situation that fits within your budget.

Cold Storage

We have designed and installed refrigeration systems for millions of cubic feet of cooler and freezer space for cold storage warehouses and food distribution centers. Plus, we offer remote monitoring so you can keep an eye on temperatures no matter where you are.

White Claw

Layton Construction, Apex Partnered on White Claw Facility

At Apex, a lot of projects we take on are owner direct, meaning that the owner/organizer of the project hires us directly — but that’s not always the case. On projects that involve new construction, for example, we’re occasionally brought on by the general contractor(s). This was the case for a new White Claw brewery expansion in Glendale, Arizona. Layton Construction, who was tasked with building additional cold storage space, contracted Apex to handle the refrigeration equipment.

But it wasn’t just a standard HVAC project. The brewery needed an explosion-rated refrigeration system since the hard seltzers are brewed with ethanol, a highly flammable gas. That required us to install ethanol sensors 12 inches off the floor because if there was ever an ethanol leak, the facility would be at risk of catching fire — or even exploding. We also hung cooling units with explosion-proof motors from the ceiling. That way, if one of the ethanol sensors ever did go off, a damper would automatically open and the cooling units would act as exhaust fans, blowing the ethanol out of the top of the factory. Because this was a highly specialized cold storage project with real risks involved, Layton knew they could trust Apex to get the job done safely and effectively.

Partner With the Experts in Industrial & Commercial Refrigeration

General contractors have enough to manage without worrying about refrigeration systems. That’s why Apex is the best refrigeration partner available for your projects. We develop custom, industry-specific solutions that fit the unique needs of any project while providing unmatched service. Whenever you need us, we’ll be there.